JJC and Transfer Credits

  1. I plan to call over to JJC and ask, but thought I would ask here first. Does anyone know how "old" a class can be and still be accepted by JJC for transfer credit? Do they have a 5 year limit, a 10 year limit, a 2 year limit, etc? Meaning, if I took Psych 101 6 years ago, will they accept the credits, or will I have to retake the course?
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  3. by   capella44
    Not sure about JJC, but at Waubonsee where I go it depends on the class. For Psych there was no time limit, but for advanced science (A&P etc.), it had to be 5 years or less.
  4. by   kimbly9
    I started at JJC in the Fall of 2009. At the time of application (January 2009, I think), they accepted my classes that were 10+ years old. I satisfied all the prerequisites except Psych 215 through my bachelor's degree which I earned in 2000. However, I am not sure if it has changed since then.