Interviews at Condell....or anywhere

  1. Just curious, when you have been interviewing, what is the extent of the information they have been giving you? And did you or did you not get the job?

    I'm only asking because I interviewed at one place and wasn't given much information at all, but I recently interviewed at Condell in Libertyville and I got way more information from them (such as pay, orientation information, stuff like that).

    Anyone's input is appreciated!
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  3. by   mochomito
    I don't know what position you applied for, but I applied at an outpatient clinic and I interviewed with the HR person, then a department manager and a department coordinator. I also had to shadow for a couple of hours, the very next day. I did get a job offer about a month latter and I took, but my start date is not until June. Basically in was just your everyday interview questions three times.
  4. by   TNCC RN Guy
    Condell--Remember, just b/c there is a new owner doesn't mean the culture has changed for the positive.
  5. by   mrshouse
    Can anyone provide information on Condell's interview experience? do they ask rapid fire clinical questions or basic interview questions? thank you