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  1. 0 Hi. I'm currently working as an RN out of state in process of getting licensed in IL. Was looking at the Evanston hospital. Can anyone shed some light on this hospital and possibly tell me about their surgical telemetry unit i.e. patient load per nurse, acuity of patient illness, job satisfaction. General info about the hospital welcome as well.
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    Evanston Hospital is the mothership of NorthShore University HealthSystem. They also own Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie Hospitals. They are the first system in Illinois to be hospital-wide Magnet approved. Patient load is capped at 5. They have excellent benefits and really care about their staff. They strive for "Excellence All Around You" and use the EPIC computer system. No paper charts here!! I'd apply. Good luck.
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    Thank you for your time in responding to my post. I really appreciate it and sounds like any of the hospitals within the healthsystem would be great to work at.
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    I don't work there but I would in a heart beat!

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