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    What is the hourly starting pay for a nurse with an associates degree in chicago. Anyone know specifics?

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    I believe the starting rate for new grad at my facility is $25-26/hr. For ADN grads take away 50-75 cents/hour.
    Please remember to take away 15-25% away from your base pay due to taxes, insurance premiums, and other benefits!
    Biggest BITE for new grads is when they think they'll be making 55K but their take home is actually 36K/year!
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    $24 on low end, $26 on high end, around $40 for in house registry. Wages are low in Chicago because of the lack of union density. In places like Minneapolis, where the cost of living is low and union density is high, RN's make much more. In CA, the RN union is something like 85,000 strong. They do well on wages, plus they passed staffing ratio legislation.
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    I have been looking for a job for a year and I have seen new grad wages from $22 to $28/hr. Night shift diff. can be up to $6/hr more. They didn't say anything about paying more for BSN (that is what I have) so I think that is for all employees.

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