HELP!!! Can I start CCC nursing school if pregnant???

  1. I plan to attend Daley College Nursing Program this fall 2011...Just found out all my titers are good except for Rubella...I cannot have the vaccine done because I am about 10 weeks pregnant...Does anyone know if this will affect my schooling??? I'm kinda freaking out here ...I am waiting for a call from the director of the school but they are so delayed on everything...Anyone who has been through this or knows the policy, your advice would be greatly GREATLY appreciated..Please HELP ..Thanks
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  3. by   dsignrgrl
    I dont know specifically Daley's policy. But I also am starting the nursing program at Harper CC this Fall, and their policy states you CANNOT be cleared for clinicals unless you have all the proper vaccinations. And without clinicals you would fail the program. So, if I were you, I would be very aggressive at getting your answer. Hope it all tuns out for the best.