Has anyone ever heard of International Careers Institute LPN program in Lincolnwood? - page 2

Hi there! I was doing some more research tonight on nursing schools within Illinois and came across this school called International Careers Institute. Has anyone ever heard of this school before? I checked out their website,... Read More

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    @ believeitornotG: So u don't recomment International Career Institute? I was accepted into their program. I start in March.

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    Hey there I was also looking at their program, do they require you to have your CNA ?? I didn't see it on their website?? And how much is the tuition??

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    No, they do not require that. $ 20,000
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    wow that is a lot of money but they don't have financial aid?? Do you know the payment plan you can arrange with them??? Please post some more info once you start attending their program!!
    Thank You
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    They will work with you and split the payments over a year max...700-800/month. Tuition is around 18K. I didn't have a few pre reqs and when talking to a counselor, I was able to bypass the pre req requirements and they practically accepted me on the spot. It is not difficult to get in..they only want your money. I would watch out, unless you don't mind spending 18K for an LPN license.
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    What about transfering credits do they transfer??? I would want to go to a local community college to get my RN do you know how this works???
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    CMK healthcare training center is now accepting transfers from other lpn programs. They said that if you are currently in another lpn program and decide o transfer to theirs. The cost would only be $10000.They have a new location in clarendon hills. My wife Thinks its great there.I heard from my cousin that Northwestern was also good. My wife is currently enrolled.
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    ICI-You’ll be guaranteed to pass classes. Just know that it will in no way help pass the boards. Just as long as you can provide the money for the tuition you’re IN. (which by the way, if you have any difficulties paying they can provide a payment plan that’s negotiable even if you are late a thousand dollars, just show a w-2) Remediation is always acceptable after each quiz and unit test, even for midterm. There is no need being stressed because remediation will allow you to obtain the minimum grade for passing. Then just sign a form stating you were remediated. Remediations are easier and less difficult. The student handbook is just a formality; no part of it is reinforced or taken seriously. They have cameras in the computer room but people still share answers during tests & quizzes. The consequence claims suspension or termination but even with a grievance form no action is taken. There is always any accommodation by starting the program without having all your prereqs. During the first class of the program, you can also be taking any English, A&P, math, computer, or psych class. Attendance for class or clinicals is not mandatory. There is an attendance sheet but no make-ups are taken. You can miss a test or quiz and retake them. It’s a really laid back environment.

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