Graduate Nursing program at Olivet Nazerene University

  1. Hi my fellow Nurses,After much research, I'm really thinking about applying for the FNP program at Olivet University. I was just notified that I was accepted but wanted to know if anyone has any info on this school??? I want to go to an school that has leadership and guidance. I don't want to teach myself. I recently left a top school because I was teaching myself. I'm a hard worker but would love to have supportive staff as well. If anyone has attended the program or classes, can you give me some in cite. Also, what is your perspective of the program thus far??? Any response would be greatly appreciative ; )
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  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    Would love info as well! Thanks.
  4. by   joski
    Hi Nikki,

    Did you end up going to Olivet? How is/was it? I'm starting the post-masters FNP Program in January and a little concerned about the time commitment. How did things work out for you?
  5. by   RJGRhere
    HI. joski From above post you're in post-master FNP Program at Olivet. How is it so far? Did you work? Did you have problems finding Preceptors. Thanks!