Full time school or part time school and working? Which is better?

  1. 0 Hey Everyone!
    I'm applying to ResU for either the fall or summer 2012 (beginning part-time). I'm thinking I should do the part-time evening option because then I could work during the program atleast part-time as a CNA or something (and not go too terribly into debt!), but I have some questions:

    How many week nights do they meet each week? Do they meet every weekend, for one full day of the weekends, year-round?
    Have any of you heard the success rate of the part-time program?
    How are the other students doing in the part-time program?
    Are they struggling to balance night classes with weekend clinicals and studying the material so they can get good grades?
    Any part-timers wish they had done the full-time or vice versa?
    Does the part-time program go year-round?
    If I started in summer 2012 in the part-time program when would I graduate?
    If I started in fall 2012 in the FULL-time program when would I graduate?

    Any feedback would be great! These threads are a little bare when it comes to the part-time program at ResU...
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