full time firefighter/paramedic wanting RN

  1. I am currently a full time firefighter/paramedic who is looking for any advice on getting my RN. I've researched quite a few programs and attended some info session. My main question is are there any part time programs, or ones with a more flexible schedule? Even to go the LPN to RN route, all the LPN programs seem to require going everyday of the week or 4 days including weekends. With a shift of 24 hours on and 48 hours off, I am able to make trades but it would be impossible for me to make every class. Looked into a bridge program, however Illinois does not seem to like those. I becoming more and more frustrated as this seems like it will be impossible for me to do this. Any advice is much appreciated.
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  3. by   muddydog
    There is a full time paramedic in the program at JJC. JJC has night classes. The night school classes are not spread out in time like perhaps other days programs are. There are nights during the week with no classes. Since class schedules are known ahead of time, perhaps a flexible employer may work with you.