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first hospital interview!!!

  1. 0 I just had my first hospital interview for a new grad program! I think overall the interview went well. I was super nervous because I met with several people at once but they were all really nice and friendly. I should hear back within a few days according to HR! The questions were pretty basic interview questions "why nursing", "what are your strengths/weaknesses" and during the interview, one of the managers asked me if they offered a class in school on interviewing, and stated that i "interview very well". Thats good right??? ughh I'm just so nervous to hear back from them!! thanks for listening to me vent lol
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    That's definitely a good sign. Good luck! Hopefully you get the position.
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    thank you!
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    I sent an email right after my interview 2 days ago and just got one back from one of the managers that said "our pleasure, good luck with everything." starting to think i didn't get the job