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    hi... i am a recent grad of a ohio nursing program... i recently failed the nclex n plan on retesting n about a month or two... i am currently studying from the ati books... im movin back to chicago 2mar cuz without a job i cant afford to live here n cleveland... I am not certified n anything... my question is will i be able work as a patient care technician or nurse aide without bein certified or would i have to take a class in one of those... is there any job in the healthcare field that im qualified to perform with my education?

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    Most hospitals will hire nursing students who have had one semester of clinical experience or fundamentals. Also, if you can get a letter from your nursing school saying that you passed fundamentals of nursing & have had XX hours of clinical experience, you can send that in with the CNA application rather than take a course. You will then get a letter in the mail telling you to get fingerprinted, where to go & send that back in. Then you can schedule a test date, get your CNA cert. & work anywhere. Good luck passing the NCLEX. I took the Kaplan class & it was phenomenal, I highly recommend it.
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    thsnk u soooo much for replying... imma look into kaplan...

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