Does Illinois require license at country of education?

  1. 0 I'm planning to endorse my Missouri license to Illinois, but then I saw in one of the packets that I need a license at country of education (which is Philippines, and I don't have one). Is that real? it's listed as a note on page 7 if you happen to check the packet.

    I already paid $335 to CGFNS for a CES. I got a huge dilemma here and I need some facts, if it's true that I can't endorse without that license in the Philippines then I guess I may have to choose another state or forget that I paid that much (since fees are non-refundable in CGFNS)
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    If you want clarification I'd email them. I've sent a question or two for clarification and received an email answer in a day or two. Be clear in your question and copy/paste the verbage you are referring to within your email to make yourself clear.
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    Short and simple. Yes. Illinois REQUIRES you to be a nurse in country of education. THERE IS NO WAY TO WAIVE THIS REQUIREMENT. Any point from 2009-2013 there has been no word of this ever happening. Great if someone updates us of this miracle in the following years to come

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