City college of Chicago fall 2012 nursing

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    I have just applied to trumans nursing program and I am just curious on if anyone knows how many applicant they usually have and how many seats are available?

    I have 2.9 GPA and just took the TEAS test and got a 66.7. It is required to have a 2.75 gpa and a 60 on the TEAS but I'm not sure if my chances of getting in are high enough. Any pointers? Please help. I am thinking about taking my teas test over in about a mOnth. I have bought the study guide and am going to practice this whole next moth before I take it over.

    Has anyone got accepted into trumans program with lower than a 3.0 gpa?

    I really want to get accepted and I hope I do, I'm a little nervous.
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    This is the first year they are doing the TEAS.
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    I am also applying to the CCC nursing program and heard it's pretty competitive. Did you take the TEAS again? I think that would've helped.

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