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  1. 0 I got a job at Illinois Masonic, now they checking my background, license etc. How long does it take? Do they call you, when they receive all the needed info? Should I wait to here from them before I turn in my resignation letter?
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    It depends. One place called me with results after just a few weeks. Another place did not contact me for over 30 days. I would wait until they call you and confirm that everything is OK. After they confirm that it is OK then give your official notice at the other job. Good luck.
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    I am supposed to start there May 2nd.
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    Does every hospital order it. I just found out that they did not request it yet?
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    Shouldn't take long. IIRC, You will get letters at some point stating your background checks came up clear, but not necessarily before you start.

    You can call them next week, but all should be fine. Just be sure your pre-employment physical is completed on time
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    thank you so much