Anybody applying to Oakton for Spring 2012?

  1. 0 Hey! Just seeing if there's anybody like me out there waiting on their acceptance letters for the Spring 2012 semester at Oakton Community College! I've been told there they are accepting 28 people! Craziness!

    Anyways, I'm super nervous and wanted to connect with anyone out there also on pins and needles!
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    I currently am in the program there. I was also a Spring start and you are right, only 28 students are accepted. I believe for my group, the lowest NLN score was a 92 or 93. I think I remember hearing about my acceptance around the 3-4 week of October. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Just got my acceptance letter today! I'm shocked because they told me I would find out closer to November 1st. So excited!

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