Any Vista East nurses out there?

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    I had nursing school clinicals at Vista East, and at that time, the nurse-patient ratios and the overall nursing environment were definitely less than ideal... but that was a while ago. Have there been any positive changes or a shift in the organizational culture with the new CNO on board?

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    No, my husband worked there in the ER, he left back in September of last year ... Nothing has changed at Vista. Ratios are horrible & management places some unrealistic expectations on the staff.
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    Saw an ad for a NG program at Vista, guess it's Vista in Waukegan, IL.

    Ad says they are only considering brand spank'n new BSN grads who will be taking board exam in February 2013. Guess they don't want anybody who has graduated/passed boards earlier than that (who might have had time to research and know better, LOL). So you're screwed if you graduated back in May, I guess.

    Have never heard anything positive about them, but thought I'd post in case anybody is interested.

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