any prairie state 2013 hopefuls?

  1. 1 im still in my pre-reqs phase but if things go according to plan i should have 119 points. anyone out there with advice or needing advice?
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    Hello DCW!!! It's been awhile since I have logged onto this website!!! Okay, this semester I currently have 87 points that's not in included with my three other classes that I'm taking this fall. If this semester goes the way that I planned for it to go, I will have over 116 points as my rank score. So there's nothing else to do next semester, but wait and take no classes. I do plan to prep for a better Heisa A2 score!!! My best advice is to stick with your career goals!!! I applied for the ADN program last year and I didn't get in, but I'm not giving up. Let me know how things are going for you hun. I hope and pray that all is well.
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    i still have to do my cna course but im going to do that this summer and be ready for next year hopefully!
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    I recently renewed my cna license also! Wonderful, best wishes to you DCw!

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