Trying to find a job in Idaho

  1. 0 I graduated in June 2012 with ADN and passed the NCLEX in July. I have applied for many jobs but have had no luck. Seems in this area that without a BSN and/or experience its extremely difficuly to find a job. I am open to almost any area of nursing in Idaho's Treasure Valley area. Does anyone know of any facililty here that will hire a new graduate?

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    I know West Valley has hired new grads. They are a smaller hospital in Caldwell. Good luck to you!
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    West Valley would probably hire you, I used to work for that company (HCA/Mountainstar). I don't know about the St. Luke's system in the Treasure Valley area, but I live in Twin Falls and the St. Luke's here is hiring like seems like they'll hire just about any ol' Joe honestly.
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