new grad pay in ID?

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    I am just wondering if someone would be willing to put what they are getting hourly as a new grad in Boise, ID. If you dont want to reply in this thread could you PM it to me. I am trying to figure a couple things out and pay is one of them. If anyone replies thank you very much in advance!

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    It really depends on where you go. I am fairly sure hospitals start new grads between $20-$31 an hour.
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    BSN 21.86 ASN a little less. St. Al's anyway.
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    Thanks a lot for the replies guys, much appreciated. Charmander, are you getting any full time these days or just 36ish hours a week?
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    Generally 36 is considered full time, 3 12's a week. I think there are some 8 hour shifts, but we mostly do 12's.
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    $18 in north idaho 3-4 years ago. I think it's closer to 22-23 now.
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    Totally depends, of course. But as of Spring 2011 in the panhandle of Idaho, RNs in an acute care setting start out at $24 an hour
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