Does anyone know the waitlist for North Idaho College? Does anyone know the waitlist for North Idaho College? | allnurses

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Does anyone know the waitlist for North Idaho College?

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone knew about what the wait list was for NIC

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    North Idaho College doesn't really wait list. They will have several alternates chosen in case people invited into the program change their minds and choose to not enter the program.

    They key to getting into NIC is to have all of your prerequisites completed the semester you turn in your application. If you have uncompleted classes, you won't have enough points to be selected.
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    If you do not have enough points when you apply you are welcome to reapply for the following semester but there isn't a waiting list. It simply goes on points that are based on your pre-reqs. The bonus is that you get double points for the biology pre-reqs (A&P 227, A&P 228, and Microbiology). You can also pick up an extra point if you reside in the area (certain counties but I'm not sure which ones). There is also a test that needs to be completed and it is worth 10 points. I recommend purchasing the study guide for this test because 10 points is HUGE for the competition out there. Good luck!!!
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    Where can someone get this study guide???