"yellow side" vs "blue side"

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    Is the "break room" part of Allnurses considered separate from the "yellow side". I've noticed sometimes I have to log into the blue side separately.

    Not a complaint or anything, just curious.
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    yes, they are separate sites
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    I've noticed that on either my or my husband's PC, I stay signed in to both sides and just never sign out, but when I sign in on either of our Kindle Fires, I have to keep signing in again when I go back and forth between the two sides in a single use session. I do sign out when I'm done on the Kindles. Weird!
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    while they are "separate" site it is all allnurses. You need to re-log in. On my laptop one log in is enough on mobile devices you need to re-log in.
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    Yeah, I figured a lot of the "glitchiness" is do to me usually using this site on my iPad. Other sites' message boards behave differently when I use my iPad as opposed to PC, too.
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