Who would like a venting forum?

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    How many senior nurses would like to have a forum where they can vent without fear of being judged? Where anyone who posts judging those of us who are venting could be reported and banned from that particular thread or forum? Where "higher calling" is banned? Where the word "compassion" might be considered a dirty word if used to admonish nurses? Where personal attacks against nurses who have negative feelings about patients or visitors are not allowed?

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  3. Poll: Alternative Forum For Seasoned Nurses?

    • Yes, and ban anyone who busts on us for venting!

      82.76% 24
    • Yes, and ban anyone who's profile suggests they're not really a seasoned nurse.

      17.24% 5
    • I'm not sure -- let me think about it for awhile.

      3.45% 1
    • No, because nurses should have unlimited compassion AND a higher calling.

      10.34% 3
    29 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    Yes, yes yes!
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    (raising my hand and waving)
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    not sure that i would qualify as a seasoned nurse, but venting always sounds good to me!
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    you'd have to define "seasoned"

    I'm all for it though, you guys need a place for yourselves
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    I think it is a GREAT idea! I also think we should have some sort of "I need help with my schoolwork- Is nursing right for me- I am in clinicals and the staff nurses are rude" forum! So many homework type posts lately!!
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    I think there should be a "safe" place to vent without fear of negative reactions, absolutely. I think that it's much more healthy to vent frustrations than to bottle them up until you're borderline "postal"!

    That said, I wouldn't want it to be for seasoned nurses only, as I learn so much from reading posts from the seasoned nurses, and it helps to show both sides of nursing, especially for new nurses and for those of us who aren't licensed yet.

    So yes to safe venting, but no to making it an exclusive club
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    Only if I can swear . Otherwise meh.
  12. 3
    I am by no means seasoned, but I'm at least a little salty, and I'd love to have an outlet, other than my poor husband, where I can rant about all of the crazy BS I'm constantly served without fear of further being forcefed a serving of BS by someone far more dignified than I.

    I promise I won't say any dirty words!
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    You need some venting training annister!
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