What's up with the "Last 24 Hours & what's new" function

  1. 1 I love this function and for the last few days when I use it, I only get 3 posts? The "What's New" (which I don't like) only comes up with three posts as well.

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    I was waiting for someone to mention this. I also find only five pages in the 24 hour function to be limiting. I went to central yesterday and only saw two threads. If you don't want 20 pages of daily threads, please bring back at least 10. This change has made the what's new and 24 hour functions useless and unpleasant.
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    We've had some changes recently that merit the changes you are seeing. Please be patient with us as we work through some things.

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    what's new is fully functioning at this moment.
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    I did read Tweety's thread and NRSKaren's answer that "what's new" is fully functioning, and I'm getting approximately 5 pages of new posts in both searching "what's new" and "last 24 hours" in the username drop down menu, or around 95 posts as opposed to the over 400 before. I agree with those who find that frustrating.

    One reason for that other than severely limiting what we can see with the one click function, is that I liked to go to page 20 and work backwards on stuff I could help with before a "no reply" post reached the point of no return. It's cumbersome to do that forum by forum as well as often people will ask a general question in a state specific forum I will never see with the new system.

    Feedback appreciated!! Thanks staff for all you do.
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