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What's new section: Can you filter posts?

  1. 0 Is there any way for a member to filter out the state board and nursing school posts from the what's new section?

    it's hard to find any nursing posts there because the majority are about boards/school, and "is my pop up a good or bad pop up?" posts.
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    Try this:

    My Favorites List are forums that you visit frequently. You can add a forum to your Favorites List by clicking the Add To Favorites link found under each forum description. This is also referred to as "subscribing" to a forum. When you favorite a forum you have the option to receive email updates for that forum. To change email update status, select a forum and change the status by using the dropdown menu below.

    This way you can avoid the forums you don't use and enjoy the ones you do. When you log on each time, simply click on the red heart at the top of the page which will take you to your Favorites list.
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    I don't know for it posts "What's new" for the past 24 hours. I have to seek advice for our tech guy.

    You can however go to the section you are looking for like...nurses and click on the magnifying glass icon after section description
    General Nursing is a safe environment where nurses can communicate with other like-minded individuals. It's a place where healthcare nursing professionals can share knowledge, wisdom, and experience. In General Nursing, you can read about health, nursing experience, the prevention of illness, the care of the ill, quality of life, and so much more. icon (old lap top screen shots are almost impossible)
    and it will give you the past 24 hours of posts in that section.
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    this is currently not possible but something similar will be available next year
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    Thanks Joe! But they can still click on the magnifying glass in the separate sections to get the last 24 hours of the forum like, nurses, specialties, critical...etc...right?
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    That's a great alternative Esme. Yes, that is still possible.
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    best i can do is go to favorites and then click on the search button in the favorites section.... it shows the last 24 hours unanswered and new posts.

    thanks , i didnt realize there was even a search in favorites