What timezone is this site on???

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what timezone this site is on? it always says my posts are at the most ridiculous hours. Is it like Australian time?
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    When you setup your account, there was an option to set the timezone. If you click on "my account" and then click on " edit options" it should bring it up.
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    i have read multiple posts to that fact but for the life of me i can not find an option to change my timezone anywhere. the closest think i can find is the option to change what flag i display.
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    Click "My Account" and then "Edit Options". You can then scroll down and choose your time zone.
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    AMAZING!!! thank you so much, i have no idea why i couldnt find that page. A MILLION THANK YOUS.
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    Quote from bols27
    amazing!!! thank you so much, i have no idea why i couldnt find that page. a million thank yous.
    your post was "yesterday, 08:56 pm" in my time zone.

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