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What about a forum for Disabled and/or Retired Nurses?

  1. 0 brian,

    what about a forum for disabled and/or retired nurses.?

    i have been an r.n. for twenty eight years and i have done all types of nursingincluding teaching, management and consulting in most clinical areas...... including psych, home health, and as a consultant in a ltc with responsibility for advising the don, dds, and the mds coordinator. i have had mds 2.0 training.

    now i find myself as a patient.i had to have a hip replacement in dec., 2006 (as a result of trauma in an auto accident). as an untoward and totally unpredicted effect, i suffered a stroke. i am struggling with aspects of my physical rehab and am in a wheelchair most of the time.

    i am looking for a position as either mds coordinator, telephone advice nurse, or other position that i could do from wheelchair or from home.
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    What topics would you want discussed in this forum that are not already covered elswhere on the bb?
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    Hi. Maybe you could check out the website www.ExceptionalNurse.com
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    I really like your suggestion. The nursing population is aging and I know, for myself, I have a lot of questions and concerns about things related to that.Disability, like my MS, just adds to my concerns. We old nurses need to stick together and get to know each other so we can choose our roomates for the "Shady Scopes Homes for Tired Out RNs" !
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    Click here and check out the new Inactive Retired Nurses forum.
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    I think this is a great idea.I am not disabled but know some nurses who are.I also am not far from regular retirement age but wondering how long can you keep working after normal retirement age as long as you can do the job. also as a nursing supervisor how do you handle an employee with hearing difficulty who refuses to wear her hearing aide?she is good nurse other wise but it becomes a safety issue because of less staff on 11-7 shift.how would have it been handled by others.We ended up after 3 different warnings of saying she would have to move to 7-3 when more staff working.she refused and retired.welcome your feedback.-gerinurse

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