Uuuummmmm HELP!

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    Is anyone else getting all this porn advertising on this site, or is it something with my computer? Am I going nuts? I am so disgusted! Please help!:uhoh21:

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    WHAT????? What porn??
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    I'm telling you, on the side of the screen it says Sponsors, and it changes from a girl with her legs open, 2 girls making out, etc. I swear I am not making this up! Is anyone else getting this?!?!?!?
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    Not me! I'd check your computer.
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    those danged, naughty nurses are at it again...

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    For real! No one else is really seeing this? It alternates with regular advertising BSN, etc. I am not getting this on any other site, so I'm not sure how it could be my computer.
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    sorry solidarity, i have no idea...

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    OMG!!! NO! I've never had that come up! I always get stuff wanting to know if I want a larger penis, though! But not on this site!
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    It is your computer. I don't think I can link to a commercial site per TOS. But I suggest you google spyware and download a spyware blocker. You computer needs a firewall, spyware blocker. You can also download a popup blocker.
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    Quote from earle58
    those danged, naughty nurses are at it again...


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