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Is anyone else getting all this porn advertising on this site, or is it something with my computer? Am I going nuts? I am so disgusted! Please help!:uhoh21:... Read More

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    Well, I'm happy to say the porn is gone now! I ran Spybot (not sure why my computer was suddenly unprotected, never had any problem before) and there was lots of "bad stuff" on there! Very FREAKY! Glad I found it before my kids did!

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    LOL yeah, it's your comuter. Mine was doing the same thing today. I didnt find it very endearing seeing Carmen Electra while I was reading about Grey's and E.R butchering nurses on there shows. I ran a spyware and saw over 1,000 spyware's. I had no idea, so i deleted and gone was Carmen and friends.
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    I see enough of that at work! Never here though!

    What kinda stuff are you (or someone else who uses your 'puter) googling? Agree you need a spyware and popup blocker and whatever else you can find.

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