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  1. 0 Any chance of getting an Urgent Care Nursing specialty category on allnurses.com? Although based on the ED model, it really is a different specialty than ED. It would be great to hear from other Urgent Care Nurses. I love Urgent Care, but have no ED experience. PALS and ACLS certifications don't help much when you renew every two years but have no ED experience. We get patients every day that are ED patients, whom we make sure are stable and then transfer (we're affiliated with hospital). We do this with no ED training and urgent care levels of staff and resources. Our providers float to ED and 2 UC's. Our nurses do not. After almost 3 years here, I still worry about the ED patient walking through the door with something I am not trained to handle. Maybe my anxiety level would decrease if I just bit the bullet & went and got myself some ED experience.
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    I moved your post over to the "comments and suggestions" forum to encourage responses.
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    OP: we do have an Ambulatory Care and Clinic Nursing subspecialty forum already that you may not know about. You can find it by clicking on the "Site Map" link; if it's not what you're looking for, please let us know.

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