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    I am honestly not sure where to put this, and there may not be a place for it, but I will try it here.

    I created an account a few days ago, and have really been having trouble posting replies or making new threads. I tried two different laptops, along with my desktop, with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, all with the same result. I would click "Submit" or "Preview" and the same thing would take a few seconds...the little arrows spinning and it would then say something like "Connection reset" or "Page cannot be displayed".

    I felt like being it was an issue with all computers on my network, that it was an network issue for whatever reason. I thought back to adding my latest wireless access point and I remembered that I still had it doing "Double NAT". So instead of it just relaying information from my DSL modem, (which was assigning 192.168.2.x) to my wireless unit, which was in-turn assigning 192.168.1.x addresses to my computers. I remembered this was an issue before with terminal services applications that I was running, so I fixed that issue, and I can now post wonderfully.

    So if anyone is having trouble posting as I described, you might want to check into those settings. Also this maybe could be added to any self help section this site may have.

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    I remember the days when things like that happened.

    I spent hours and hours trying to figure out whats wrong with the connection. Only to realize that I've been through this before - arrggghhh!

    These days it's a lot easier for me.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing.

    Our members are not that technical when it comes to computers/network.

    When it comes to "network issues" we always recommend that you get help from your ISP.
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