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  1. 1 hi, first i want to write my thanks to this forum. over the years it has been very helpful to me and others. i also noticed many specialty forums and groups now exist that did not a few years ago and i think the expansion has added to the support nurses are able to receive. i suggest that we add to three forums...

    a bed coordinator forum (this position takes on many names to include "house supervisor"), an acute care and outpatient: adon/don forum, and a nurse executive forum. these three forums are not uniquely represented on allnurses but the nurses that work in these positions need support from his/her peers too. also, there are those of us who wish to work in one or all of these positions someday and could gain some perspective from those who are currently working in the trenches by reading and posting to such forums. thanks.
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    Thank you so much for the kind words. I have enjoyed your posts also. Weve never had anyone ask about these forums. The ADON/DON posts would probably fit best in the LTC forum. The bed placement posts might go well in the management forum. Ditto with the executive forum.

    How about starting a thread in these forums and let's see the response?
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