this website is awesome!

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    I agree this website is awesome. Over the last couple of years, I found the courage to leave two units that I was unhappy with. Primarily with the support and encouragement from this board.

    I found the inspiration and the school to get my RN to BSN.

    I love this place!

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    Good luck Tweety with your schooling. I will hopefully be starting the Excelsior Nursing Program for my RN in Jan. 2006.
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    oh yepz, this site is really terrific!
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    This site is terrific--I'm finally getting around to becoming a dues-paying member---This site has been of immense help BEFORE & DURING Nursing School...and NOW that I'll be studying for the NCLEX and interviewing, I'm sure it'll be just as great! I love being a part of the nurse community--Thanks to the Moderators and all participants on this site! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and CAMARADERIE IS CONTAGIOUS.
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    i have heard lots of good reviews about this forum and finally got around registering myself
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    I know what you mean Tweety, this BB has changed (improved) my life as well. From Entrepreneural Nursing to doing Nurse Massage, I thank AllNurses and my AllNurses family, for being here.
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    OOppsss... meant to also comment:

    [BANANA]Good Luck with School You Two![/BANANA]
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    I agree. I first became a member when I was considering going to nursing school 3 years ago; I was 49 YO at the time and complete strangers replied to me with encouragement. During my 3 years of school, I was able to come on here for more information on things I didn't understand, to vent, to express anxiety about an upcoming exam, or just to share daily activities with the wonderful members. Then came the NCLEX...the usual "I had 265 ?? and don't think I passed" and read everyone elses experiences and words of encouragement. I'm now an RN and owe so much to this site!
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    I also agree this is an awesome website! It is educational, humorous, inspiring, encouraging, & comforting. Spending time here is one of my favorite things...I only wish I had found it sooner!
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    I'm so glad I found this site, nothing like this exist in Quebec actually, this is a terrific idea and I'm now addicted, I come to read every night, sometimes I laugh at funny stories, but what i appreciate the most is that I feel like that I'm not alone...with all the goods and the bads sides of nursing...I think there are things that only nurses can understand and it feels good to be thank you!

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