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  1. 3 Use Your Ignore List

    We all have people that bring out the worst in us. When you engage in a negative exchange with someone it's not only unpleasant for the two parties involved but also for everyone that has to read it. It also reflects negatively upon our entire community. Rather than stoop to their level add them to your ignore list.

    To add someone to your ignore list click the "user cp" link in the upper left-hand corner, select "edit ignore list" from the sidebar, and then add the name of the person you wish to add to your ignore list.
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    Check for Unanswered Threads

    Have you ever started a thread and no one replied? It doesn't feel good. Unwanted and unloved. Now you can spare others from that feeling.

    Under the "Active Topics" menu you'll now find an option to search for unanswered threads. Take a look every so often and see if there's something you can reply to. Thanks
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    report threads that need attention from staff

    considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for the staff to review all messages. if you come across a topic or a thread that is in violation of our terms of service for example advertising, personal attacks, spamming etc... , please report these post so one of our staff members can address the issue promptly.

    to report a post, click on the (report icon) which is below the username to the left of a post. by using this reporting method, it will alert all the all the staff (moderators, super moderators and admins) about an issue. this is the most efficient for our staff to handle an issue.
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    If you have suggestions for other things members can do to help, please use the contact us link at the bottom of every page to send in your suggestion. Thanks
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    Use Accurate Thread Titles

    The moderators and I will be looking out for (and changing) thread titles that are inaccurate or do not sufficiently indicate the purpose of the thread.

    As our community grows it is imperative that we keep information organized and easy to find.

    We (as well as the majority of our members) would appreciate it if you would please take a moment to ensure that your thread titles accurately reflect the purpose of your threads.
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    Welcome New Members

    I'm not asking you to welcome everyone, but occasionally watch the Introductions and Greetings forum threads and welcome our new members

    When members are made to feel welcome they are more likely to return. It may take some time but welcoming the types of people that you would like to see return will pay off in the long run.
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