Is there a "my subscribed threads" somewhere?

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    I don't mean threads I start, but those in which I've posted a reply.

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    In the light blue bar across the top, where it says "what's new", "site map", "help", etc. there is a green ribbon like icon. Click on that and it will take you to all of the threads you've either posted in or subscribed to.
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    You can also go to your profile page and after a few minutes you will see them....About Retired APRN - Nursing community for nurses

    It says threads/posts in the about me....and an activity tag as well. You will have access to the PM system by upgrading to a membership Support the site and get more perks in the process! (which gives you different perks) or 15 posts

    You can also set your settings to notify you by e-mail on your dashboard page....there is a drop box click on edit settings.

    We have a few moderated forums, criminal history, HESI, TEAS, Nursing news...... so if your post doesn't show up right away it is probably in the mod que waiting to be approved.
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    Many thanks.

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