The allnurses format....what happened to the little bio

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    there always was a little bio about the person when you clicked on thier avatar.
    now there is hardly anything.

    What happened?

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    Several changes occurred with the site upgrade in late December. Members can change what is visible by editing their profile page. This is done by clicking on your account at the top of every page. This brings up your dashboard.

    You can then click on OPTIONS, and then EDIT ABOUT ME.

    Members have to add information about them here.
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    Due to "need for speed" i.e faster page loading and privacy concerns expressed by members, AN now display members bio when you click on their user name.

    1. Click username:

    2. Box will open up to reveal bio when entered:

    Yellow rectangle; User name
    Blue rectangle: about me = biography
    Red rectangle: other posts/threads user made

    You can contact the member via our PM "Private Message system" by clicking on link located right above "About Me" section next to red arrow,


    Members that haven't entered bio info in profile will see

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