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    I liked being able to see which of my posts were thanked by members, by selecting the Thanked Posts option under My Account (I think that's where it used to be). However, that is not an option listed anymore with the new redesign (or I haven't been able to find it).

    So is there any way to find this info now?


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    Hi, medsurgrnco

    I moved your thread to the Redesign feedback forum so we can address your issues.

    We will pass this along to the other admins and IT support. Thanks!!!!!
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    I found it. LOL!!!

    When you click on your profile icon beside your name , or go to "My Account", and click on, "My Page", you can access, "Show All Statistics", found on the right. Scroll down and on the left, you will find the thank you information.
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    Another way to access:

    Click user name to open and find "Registered User " --click on house.

    Second line gold toolbar click Statistics

    Scroll to 4th block: Total Thanks
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