Sub-forum for PCTs/PCAs/Nursing Techs?

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    I am a PCT (Patient Care Technician), and think it would be great if had a sub-forum for non-licensed professionals such as myself and others working within a similar scope of practice.

    My employer (and I'm sure many others, as well) considers PCTs a part of the nursing team. Our hospital has very few (if any) LPNs, and we work under the direct supervision of the RNs. Certainly, we're not licensed or registered, but so many of the questions, concerns and conversations here at A.N. are relevant to us as well.

    I think it would be really great to have a sub-forum for those of us who would like to discuss specific issues of concern as PCTs/PCAs/Nursing Techs, so that we can provide the best patient care we can, as well as contributing more meaningfully to the nursing team as a whole.

    Thank you for all the great information on this has answered many questions I've had, and has been a great source of support. I hope this suggestion will help to make it even more welcoming to those members in positions similar to mine.

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    this has been requested before... just added
    patient care technician /assistants (pct/pca) and nursing techs discussions
    enjoy posting.
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    I was able to get into the forum by clicking on the link you posted above, but I can't find it starting from the home page. Is it under in the 'General' section? If not, where can I find it? I had been looking for a sub-forum like this since joining, but could never find anything. Where is it hiding?

    Thanks very much for the link!
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    Listed under student tab!
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    Wow- NRSKaren. I just have to say how cool it is that allnurses is so responsive and flexible!! :::shock::: No task force? No Blue Ribbon committee? No study group? You just did it?

    Urban Durga- welcome to allnurses- and may all your good ideas in the future be met with such a timely response. .

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