1. 0 Have I done something terribly wrong with my confuser, or are the smilies having a day off????
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    bushambo has '40' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Rural and Remote'. From 'Village of Sandfire Western Australia'; 69 Years Old; Joined Jul '09; Posts: 1,664; Likes: 4,829.

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    It's not just you. They're off for me too.
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    Weird, I guess they must be back. Or maybe I'm just spay-shul.
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    Quote from Kolohe99
    Weird, I guess they must be back. Or maybe I'm just spay-shul.
    They're back. They were just waiting for you to wake up and log in. zzzzz:zzzzz
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    Well, maybe some of them are back, because I'm not seeing the ones I just posted.

    Oy vey
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    Try clearing your cache. Smilies and other icons can be slow to load or not load at all. Clearing ones cache helps.
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    sorry about the missing smilies

    we moved all of our avatars and smilies outside our network

    all of our static files are now being served via central locations throughout the world via Amazon web services

    this will provide quicker access to the images and other important static files

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