1. 0 I don't know if I missed them (although I tend to think I didn't since I love checking out the smilies) but are there now a ton of NEW smilies?? I saw some I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! As you can see, I am using one that I think is new in my signature line.

    Just wanted to comment and let you know if these are new..I love them! Great job. If they are not new and I've just missed them the times I've looked, I want to say the same thing, they are great!

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    They are, CT!!! Glad you like them.

    Here is the discussion thread about the new smilies:
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    Credit Thunderwolf for this round smilie additions.

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    Sorry to make an additional post on this..I didn't even see the new thread on it. I bet it was those darned New Year Gremelins who "hid" it from me.

    Read the thread about them...and again I them. I can see a lot of us are going to have HUGE text boxes when we post :rcgtku:
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