Sending Private Messages

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    I have received private messages and replied to several of them, most recently today. My inbox says the amount of private messages that I received but the outbox says 0 messages sent. Does this mean that my messages have not been sent? Thanks.
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    go to your inbox to send a message there should be a drop box that says inbox click on the drop box and there should be sent there.
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    That is where I go and it says 0 messages sent, when I have sent several. I just sent a message to the last member that I replied to in order to see if they are receiving my messages because now I am not sure if what I am sending is getting sent. Are there any other reasons why it could say 0? Could my messages actually not being sent? Thanks.
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    might be a bug....go to the help deak and post so we can get joe to look at it. Help Desk