Scroll Bar???

  1. 0 I apologize if this is placed in the wrong forum - I didn't know where else to place it.

    What happened to the scroll bar that would allow the user to move between forums with ease - it was located at the bottom of each page underneath the posts?

    More importantly....will it be back??

    Thank you for any responses!!!
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    I believe that was removed to help speed up the forum.
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    nightmare is correct

    But, you can enable it and bring it back.

    Here ya go, Medic2RN:

    You can restore this by going to, "My Account" on the yellow tool bar and click on, "Edit Options". Then, scroll all the way down and enable it.

    Here's a screen shot of this (click on image to enlarge):

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    Thanks, I appreciate it!!!
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    You are welcome!!

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