S.....L.....O......W.... to load

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    The pages are slow to load other than that I can get used to the design
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    I agree...the pages are painfully slow to load!
    Not sure why, but I sure hope it can be fixed...
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    Yep. W ..... A .......Y ...... too slow. I'll not be hanging around much until it improves. It's too frustrating.
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    I agree, it is way too slow! I may not stick around because of that. I do not have the patience to wait so long for pages to load.
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    Email me when you change it back

    Sorry I have tried to get on this site a handfull of times today--what used to be an enjoyable quick read has turned into a stressful waiting for the pages to load event!!!!

    I agree with the others---if it aint broke-dont fix it!!
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    I think the design would be nice, if the pages ever loaded......it takes FOREVER just to pull up 1 page.

    Not so sure about this.....
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    It's jet fast for me right now. I've heard another person say the same thing about it being slow. Maybe it's just bad timing. I hope it will get better for you.
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    I've had some slow loading during the day as well,pages loading OK at the moment.
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    It's fast to load for me; I just don't like the layout. I prefer the old layout much more..

    What really irks me about this new layout is that you can't see a person's age/experience/nursing specialty on posts. That's my main problem with it!

    (All the new smilies are great, though..!)
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    Site had intermittent periods of slowness as servers updated earlier today... appears back to our usual high speed now.