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The pages are slow to load other than that I can get used to the design... Read More

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    Quote from kayleeray
    It's fast to load for me; I just don't like the layout. I prefer the old layout much more..

    What really irks me about this new layout is that you can't see a person's age/experience/nursing specialty on posts. That's my main problem with it!

    (All the new smilies are great, though..!)

    Click on their name and all will be revealed!!
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    earlier today it was slow to load.
    now it's perfectly fine.

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    i liked the old format much better - in each forum and the home page, you could see a lot more of the threads - i don't need this big typeface, and now i have to scroll down to see what is new.

    the pathway at the top of each page like this one information center / redesign feedback forum / bugs /
    post new thread - again, i don't need the big typeface. changing typefaces actually make it harder to follow what you read.

    if it ain't broke, don't fix it. it wasn't broke.

    i think it is slower. and don't like not being able to see info about each poster.
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    poster info now part of name section ---just click members name to see.

    from kayleeray
    join date: apr 2008
    posts: 19
    registered user
    age: 22 nursing specialty: i want to work in oncology!
    received 4 "thank you" from 4 posts

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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Site had intermittent periods of slowness as servers updated earlier today... appears back to our usual high speed now.
    True enough... it was HORRIBLY slow for me most of the day, but it's all back up to speed now.
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    Quote from nightmare
    Click on their name and all will be revealed!!
    Thank you! I feel silly now.l

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