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    Random idea, won't be offended if it's shot down

    What about a forum/subforum for RN to BSN students? My logic is that while RN to BSNs are students, we're not really like the shiny-never-been-in-nursing-school-before students (of both BSN and non-BSN variety) that populate the General Nursing and Nursing Assistance forums. IMO we're kind of like the LPN to RN-ers: we have nursing experience and we've done a nursing school once already. Sometimes it's hard to relate to threads of the "what's a nursing diagnosis?" and "what are clinicals like?" variety, or to post threads asking for more help in more advanced topics.

    I searched this forum and nothing came up so it either hasn't been suggested before or I can't search to save my life

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    I'd also like to see an RN-BSN forum...and will upgrade my membership if you create one!

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