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So, I've noticed today when I'm using the 'quick reply' button at the bottom of the page to post, that all my sentences are smushed together, and the spaces are missing..... It's strange. So then I have to go back and... Read More

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    Quote from cmo421
    Mines fixed now, whatever u all did ,or I did worked! Thanks, it was wierd and has been going on for weeks now, I thought it was a privacy issue. I deleted and reloaded all my spyware and popup things and then it was ok. Thanks again! Have a great day all!

    Did you notice that your first message last night didn't make it to the thread? Or can you see it, and I can't???

    Quote from cmo421
    Mos of the time when I click on a persons screen name, I get nothing. I thought it just meant they had private profiles.

    I got that message via email, but I don't see it on the thread. I dunno, maybe it is my side.....

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    cmo421's post is on this thread, Cardiac:


    That issue was separate from yours and needed to be addressed in another thread, so it was moved to single thread.
    Last edit by sirI on Oct 30, '07
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    sorry about the problems .. it sounds like a local problem - not on our end

    a few things you can try:
    * clear your cache
    * check if javascript is enabled
    * add allnurses.com to Trusted Sites
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