QUESTION!!!Please Read!!!

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    Hello everybody I really want to chat with you guys but everytime I click on chat they said that I am not able to chat. I already have more than 15 post here. I will subscribe in premium after my first check (thank Jesus). I will start my orientation on June 5. I really want to chat with experience Nurse I have lots of question to ask. Thank you very much!
    Does anybody here can chat even they don't subscribe in premium? Thank's again!!!

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    The same thing happend to me yesterday. The moderator said that it takes 24 hours after the 15th post and 2 full days to get chat. FYI, I went in today and no one was in the chat rooms.
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    Sorry to hear you are having problems. Post moved to more appropriate Forum.

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    i checked your post history and 95% of your 15 posts are from today. just need to wait till 24hrs has passed and you will be able to enter chat.

    most active time period of posters in chat appears to be between 8pm to 1am est.

    hope your first job in us goes well!
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    Thank you so much I can enter to chat room now. I am so sorry If I posted in the wrong forum. I am just only active here about few days ago that's why I am not yet familiar doing the thread. Thank you for understanding God Bless!

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