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What does it mean to be "friends" with someone on AN. What are the benefits?... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    HEYSUZ is going DOWN!!!
    [FONT=comic sans ms]WOOH... I thought you were my friend!!
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    Quote from hey_suz
    [FONT=comic sans ms]WOOH... I thought you were my friend!!
    Haha! Well I guess you are NOW!

    I will have to plot the destruction of another friend group. We could stab each other with safetyless needles. Throw out puddles of pee to slip on. Make people from other friend groups take care of THAT patient that nobody wants....

    Forget mafia wars. It will be the nursing version of fantasy baseball!
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    The Friends Activity section (found in Account) will be back. Basically, this list had all your friends activity (threads, articles, and posts). This is a great way to follow your friends.

    If you go into your Account you will find a Open Contacts button (large blue button). This will open a popup containing all your contacts. I will update the script to differentiate contacts from friends. (eg. maybe a star next to name, color, or something like that)
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    for me, it has been a way of extending an olive branch...
    acknowledging that i like their posts/input/personality, etc.
    You like really like me...
    (you sent me a 'friend' thing long ago, as a matter of fact I want to say you and Suesquatch were the 1st two who did so.)
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    I don't think that's what she meant at all! How did you come up with that? It's a very reasonable question.

    This website is for nurses to get together to talk about common interests. If you have a specific question about nursing, you can ask and it will likely get answered. Posting frequently can lead to an internet friendship, anonymous friendship.

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