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  1. 0 I have a question new to this site. But I was wondering how do you know when someone replies to your posts or if someone else comments on a post that you did? Do you just have to go look for it?
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    Moved to Frequently Asked Questions for best response. OP, when you post usually you receive notice of responses via email unless you changed the settings at the bottom of the page.
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    I used to get notices via email until I turned that function off!!! Didn't like getting so many emails stuffing my inbox from allnurses. I just check my bookmarked threads every day to see if there are new posts.
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    OP you have to set your account. Go to your home page ......Under settings drop box click on will see...
    Bookmark / Email Notification Settings

    • Default Bookmark Action: click on the drop box with actions....pick your preference.
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    You can just choose to bookmark a thread and check it daily for updates, so that you don't get the e-mails.
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    THanks guys. I was curious how it all worked. Since Im learning how this forum works and hard to remember what I commented on or if anyone replied to a question. I will look into your suggestions and why I didn't think of my email is beyond me Ooppss

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