problem with the "thanks" button

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    I was posting today and clicked the "thanks" button. My name would show up along the others that had "thanked" the poster.

    Now, a few hours later, I went to "thank" a persons post and the (thanks) button disappeared after I clicked it but my name did not show up and those that had previously thanked the person, their name disappeared also. When I hit refresh, the thanks button came back, the names of the others that had thanked the post reappearedd but my name still isn't there.

    Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?
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    Maybe you didn't hit the key hard enough. On the old board, often my name wouldn't appear but later on if I returned to the thread after going elsewhere, my name would be there. I guess it just got hung up in the system.
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    Thanks, CT. We have IT on this.
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    yep, absolutely and i are having the same problem with the thanks button.
    i'm glad IT knows about it.


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