Post Date, Year, and Time

  1. 2 We've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding "missing date and time" in posts and threads. The date, year, and time are displayed but it's behavior is now closer to the way we speak.

    If something was posted TODAY the time will be visible.
    TODAY - it was posted 10:32am (the assumption is we are talking about today)

    If something was posted DAYS AGO the date will be visible.
    DAYS AGO - it was posted Jan 18 (the assumption is we are talking about this year)

    If something was posted LAST YEAR the date and year will be visible.
    LAST YEAR - it was posted Dec 31, 2011 (the exact time something was posted years ago is not relevant; people are interested in the content)

    If you ever need the full date/year/time move your cursor over the date and it will be presented to you.
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